What Are You Willing To Sacrifice? The Law Of Because And Effect.

What Are You Willing To Sacrifice? The Law of Because and Effect.

What are you willing to suffer for? What are you willing to sacrifice now so that you don’t have to sacrifice later? Or, what are you enjoying now that you will eventually pay for later? Every action we take, every decision we make, will produce results whether good or bad. Every decision involves giving up…

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The Truth About Tithing And How Your Church Is More Than Likely Lying to You.

Warning, this article will have a lot of scripture references. But this is important to educate you on how deep the manipulation goes and what most churches refuse to tell you.  I recently wrote an article called “How Growing Up Apostolic Almost Made Me Turn From Christianity” where I outlined many of the things I…

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How Growing Up Apostolic Almost Made Me Turn From Christianity.

Before I go into this article I want to clarify a few things.  First of all, I am a Christian and believe in the sanctity of Jesus Christ.  Secondly, I do go to church on a regular basis, just not the type of church I grew up in nor the type of church that plague…

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The 3 Dangerous Effects of Pornography Addiction.

There are some that say you cannot become addicted to pornography.  That watching pornography is a normal part of a boy becoming a man.  I don’t have to tell how flawed that thinking is.  Pornography is as addicting as drugs or alcohol.  Marriages, careers, and reputations have all been destroyed due to the effects of…

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5 Steps I Took Break Free Of Bad Habits.

5 Steps I Took To Break Free Of Bad Habits.

  We all have habits we wish we could get rid of. Those things we want to stop doing, but seemingly can’t.  Some of us want to stop eating junk food and live a healthier life. Others want to stop drinking or doing drugs.  For many men, it’s an addiction to porn they want to…

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Are You Real Or Fake? 5 Signs That Many “Christians” Don’t Fear The Lord.

What Does It Mean To “Fear the Lord”?  Some think the Fear of the Lord means to live in absolute terror of the penalty of eternal damnation.  Others believe it means to have such a reverence and respect for him that you keep his commands and live according to his teaching at all times. I…

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