11 Toxic Women To Avoid Getting In A Relationship With.

  I have had my share of difficulty when it comes to dating, as I’m sure many so-called “Nice Guys” have.  You’ve heard the saying “Good girls like bad boys”.  First of all, Good Girls don’t like Bad Boys.  Bad Girls like Bad Boys.  These are women that may be very pretty, very popular, and…

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The 4 Lies Nice Guys Believe That Cause Them To Always Finish Last.

The 4 Lies Nice Guys Believe That Will Always Cause Them To Finish Last.

When I said I was writing an article about nice guys, many of my women friends asked why?  I was told things like “No, I like nice guys”, or “What’s wrong with being a nice guy?”.  After I gave them a brief rundown on what the article entailed, however, they agreed that I needed to…

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The 3 Dangerous Effects of Pornography Addiction.

There are some that say you cannot become addicted to pornography.  That watching pornography is a normal part of a boy becoming a man.  I don’t have to tell how flawed that thinking is.  Pornography is as addicting as drugs or alcohol.  Marriages, careers, and reputations have all been destroyed due to the effects of…

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11 Types of Toxic Women you want to avoid getting in a relationship with.

Lines, Lies, and the Dangers of Poisonous Speech.

There is a saying that I use to hear a lot growing up, and I’m sure you have heard as well. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  While often repeated, that phrase couldn’t be further from the truth.  I can remember many times when words seemed to cut…

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Save Yourself From Heartbreak. The 8 Warning Signs That You Are Dangerously Infatuated.

  We have all been there. The moment where you get into a new relationship and she is all you can think about.  The sight of her, her words, her touch, makes your heart skip.  You look at her picture throughout the day and desperately wait for any call or text.  You may say that…

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9 things I would tell 18 year old me about relationships

9 Things I Would Tell 18 Year Old Me About Relationships.

Who Was I at 18? If I could go back in time and find an empty room with two chairs, one for me and one for 18-year-old me, what would I tell him?  I have experienced so many things since then that I really would have a hard time choosing where to start. See, I…

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